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Period/Menstrual Resources

The Women’s Resource Center provides free period cups. Visit the links below to learn more about environmentally friendly menstrual products, menstruation and human rights, period poverty and access to menstrual materials.

WRC Menstrual Cup Resources

The Women’s Resource Center has compiled a list of menstrual cup resources for students, faculty and staff to learn more about the sustainable and environmental benefits of using menstrual cups, as well as tips and tricks on how to use and clean the cup most effectively.



The first Black-led organization with a focus on menstrual health education, advocacy, and access.

Menstruation and Human Rights- FAQ


Period. The Menstrual Movement

A global youth-fueled nonprofit that strives to eradicate period poverty and stigma through service, education, and advocacy. Through the distribution of menstrual products, promotion of youth leadership, and championing of menstrual equity in policy, PERIOD. aims to center those disproportionately affected by period poverty and support local efforts for menstrual equity.

Put a Cup in it

Information on reusable menstrual products.

UNICEF: Guide to Menstrual Hygiene Materials


Buy online


Makes high quality reusable menstrual products: washable cloth pads for every flow, and XO Flo menstrual cups. They promote period positivity and menstrual education for everyone. Student groups, clubs, and resource centers are eligible to purchase products at the discounted rate of 40 to 50% off by filling out this form.


An online resource for all natural-chemical free menstrual products and condoms. Lola gives you the option to buy their products individually or to sign up for a subscription box to send you your favorite supplies monthly!


An online resource to buy menstrual cups. They also provide a sizing guide, insertion directions, and cleaning instructions on how to properly care for your menstrual cup.


An underwear brand that offers underwear that absorbs your period! Simply slip them on and go, don’t worry about leaks or bleeding through. When you’re done with the day throw them in the wash and hang them dry until tomorrow or next month!

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