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Period/Menstrual Resources

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WRC Menstrual Cup Videos

Menstrual cups: How They Work

Menstrual cups: How to use different folds

Menstrual cups: A sustainable option


Lola is an online resource for all natural-chemical free menstrual products and condoms. Lola gives you the option to buy their products individually or to sign up for a subscriptions box to send you your favorite supplies monthly!

Put a Cup in It

Menstrual cup resources: information on reusable menstrual products.

Menstrual Product Resources


Saalt is an online resource to buy menstrual cups. They also provide a sizing guide, insertion directions, and cleaning instructions on how to properly care for your menstrual cup.

Online Resources


Thinx is an underwear brand that offers underwear that absorbs your period! Simply slip them on and go, don’t worry about leaks or bleeding through. When you’re done with the day throw them in the wash and hang them dry until tomorrow or next month!

Thinx Underwear