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The Women's Resource Center strives to empower women through on-and-off campus resources, engaging programs, and offering a safe(r) and inclusive space for open discussion on gender equity. We are pursing a better future for the good of all.

About the Center

WRC Initiatives

Peer Learning Communities for New Colleagues

A new program for first- and second-year faculty and staff to build relationships, network and quickly integrate into the fabric of WVU so we all may perform at our best.

More about Peer Learning

WVU Faculty Childcare Emergency Relief Fund

Provides financial support to instructors for temporary childcare costs above and beyond regular care that result from COVID-related school and/or daycare closures.

More about Childcare Emergency Relief Fund

Freebie Products

From sexual health resources like condoms to menstrual products like pads, tampons and menstrual cups, the WRC offers free supplies to students, faculty and staff

Info about Freebie Products

Gender Equity

The WRC seeks to empower women and to encourage their active and equal participation in all levels of the WVU community and beyond. The WRC encourages the participation of all people and strives to be a safer and supportive environment.

Info about Gender Equity

Lactation Network

Accessible locations to express milk are located across Morgantown campuses. View the full list of locations and resources.

Info about Lactation Network

Council for Women's Concerns

The Council for Women’s Concerns has upheld a presence throughout the evolving response to women’s issues since 1977. Promoting equity, equality and empowerment of women across WVU and the local community, the CWC remains committed to an inclusive, safe and equitable community that connects and empowers women.

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