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Lactation Network

The WRC oversees the WVU Lactation Network and remains committed to supporting students, faculty and staff’s choice to continue breastfeeding their child after returning to work or school. Offering private, safe and accessible breastfeeding locations is best for parents, children and WVU.


Looking for a comfortable, private space to pump or nurse on gameday? Head to our new WVU Nursing Pod, powered by Mamava!

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The Lactation Network offers three types of rooms:

The WVU Lactation Network provides a list of locations that faculty, staff and students may access to express breast milk. More dedicated lactations rooms are also in the process of being added across the University.

  • Dedicated Lactation Room. Dedicated Lactation Rooms are the ideal choice for regular use. These are private rooms with state-of-the art amenities, including a door that locks, a comfortable chair with a nearby outlet and table to support the pump, a sink and more.
  • Public Spaces. Public spaces are available across campus that offer some privacy across campus, such as locker rooms.
  • Based on Need. Contact information of staff who will locate an appropriate space, for example, a meeting room with a door that locks and no windows.

Downtown Morgantown Campus Evansdale Campus Health Sciences, Law School, and Stadium Regional Campuses

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