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WRC Initiatives

List of services

The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) offers an inclusive environment where students, faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in programs, obtain resources and services, and engage in dialogue related to gender awareness and equity.  In addition to providing lists of on-and-off campus resources, the WRC also focuses on several main initiatives, including:

Annual New Women Meet-Up

An annual potluck to welcome new women faculty and staff.

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Freebie Products

From sexual health resources like condoms to menstrual products like pads, tampons and menstrual cups, the WRC offers free supplies to students, faculty and staff.

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Lactation Network

Accessible locations to express milk are located across Morgantown campuses. View the full list of locations and resources.

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Silent Witness Exhibit

To help honor those murdered by acts of domestic violence, the Silent Witness Exhibit is unveiled annually. WVU units and departments may also display the exhibit at events or gatherings throughout the academic year.

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Women's Rights

The WRC seeks to empower women and to encourage their active and equal participation in all levels of the WVU community and beyond. The WRC encourages the participation of all people and strives to be a safer and supportive environment.

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WVU Nursing Pod

Looking for a comfortable, private space to pump or nurse on gameday? Head to our new WVU Nursing Pod, powered by Mamava!

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