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Name Changes

Preferred First Name at WVU

West Virginia University recognizes the importance of using preferred first names for students and strives to create a welcoming campus environment for all Mountaineers. 

While some campus processes and systems require legal names to be listed, campus systems such as Banner, Degree Works, and eCampus can display preferred first names. If you would like these systems to display your preferred first name, use the button below to fill out a request form then send or email the form to the Office of University Registrar.

Download Preferred Name Form

If you would like to change your name in other systems not listed above, please submit a request to Information Technology Services using the button below.

Submit a Request

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Last Name Change in WV

Changing your last name in West Virginia can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be.

Changing Your Last Name at WVU

  1. Print and fill out the  Request to Change Personal Information form.

  2. Return the form with appropriate documentation via mail, fax, email, or in person to the  Office of the University Registrar.

Note: If you are enrolled at an institution other than West Virginia University, you may contact your university's Office of the University Registrar to receive instructions on how to complete a name change.

Changing your Last Name in WV, Marriage or Divorce

  1. Marriage: You can add your changed name to your marriage license application.

  2. During Divorce: You or your divorce attorney can ask the judge to incorporate your changed name as part of the divorce decree.

  3. AFTER divorce: You will have to file a Petition for Change of Name with the Circuit Court (i.e., in the WV county in which you have lived for at least one year). For the Circuit Court of Mon County, click here for Change of Name Instructions. All forms must be printed out and completed. The filing fee is $200. The process requires a notice of your name change to be published in the newspaper, prior to being granted.

Changing your Last Name with the Social Security Administration

  1. Visit the SSA website to read about the process.

  2. Print and fill out the form for requesting a corrected Social Security card.

  3. Take or mail the form along with an official copy of your marriage certificate or divorce decree to your local SSA office

  4. The SSA will return the original copies of your documents along with your new social security card when the name change is complete.

Note: If you plan to visit your local SSA office in person, you may need an appointment. At present, SSA offices are only conducting in-person business on a limited basis due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Note: It may be helpful to have multiple official copies of your marriage certificate or divorce decree on hand during the name change process. These can be requested at the local courthouse in the county where the marriage or divorce was executed. More info here.

Changing your Last Name on your Driver's License or I.D.

  1. Bring an official copy of your marriage certificate or divorce decree, a certified or original copy of your birth certificate, as well as two valid proofs of address with you to your local West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles office. See this link for more information on what types of documents are acceptable for each type of license.

  2. Present the documentation to the DMV employee and let them know you would like to change your name and/or address on your license or ID.

  3. Provide additional information to the employee as necessary to complete the name change.

Note: Due to COVID-19, you may need to schedule an appointment first.

Note: Birth Certificates can be requested through the WV Health Statistics Center.

Changing your Last Name with Credit & Banking Institutions

  1. Call the Customer Service number listed on the back of your card.

  2. Follow the instructions provided by your banking or credit institution. 

Note: This may include visiting a branch and providing copies of your marriage certificate or divorce decree to the banking or credit institution in person or via mail, email, or fax.

Changing your Last Name with your Employer

Employers often have different requirements, procedures, and policies for completing a name change. Speaking with a supervisor or contacting your HR department is generally a good way to start the process.

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