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Faculty Resources

Links to the Provost’s page for faculty resources for: teaching, research, service, work/life policies/procedures, information on working at WVU, and development/awards.

Faculty Resources

Dependent Education Scholarship

More about Dependent Education Scholarship

Faculty Ombudsperson Office

Contact:  Faculty
Morgan House, Room 200

The building does NOT have an elevator, but the ombudsperson will meet at an accessible location. The office serves as a  BOG Rule 1.6 designated confidential resource  [1] for assisting WVU faculty members in managing workplace conflicts and concerns.  It provides an alternative to formal conflict resolution channels. The Faculty Ombudsperson Office operates as a confidential, informal, neutral, and independent resource.

More about Faculty Ombudsperson

Work-Life Integration Policy/Procedures

“Duty modifications” or parental and family leave (for new parents, medical emergency); Extension of Tenure Clock; Lactation Support; Phased Retirement.

More about Policies and Procedures

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