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Menstrual Cups


WRC Annual Period Cup Campaign

The WRC holds a period cup giveaway campaign each year so students can try a new menstrual product that is healthier and cleaner than tampons or pads. 

of WVU students who reported using a cup for at least one menstrual cycle were satisfied with their cup


Period cups given to students by the wrc since march 2020

How menstrual cups save YOU money and save OUR planet.

Menstrual cups are flexible, reusable, medical grade, silicone cups that replace pads and tampons.

Learn more about menstrual cups

Did you know?

2 Years of Period Products = 528 tampons

2.9 million tampons/pads are used at a medium-sized university per year

2 Years of Period Products = 1 All Matters menstrual cup

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