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Girls Who Code is making CS educational activities available for download free of charge, to anyone who wants to access them. We will release activities weekly — some online, some offline, of varying levels of difficulty—over the course of the next few months. Each activity will include a feature of a woman in tech who pioneered innovative technology.

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Kids Exercise Videos

Sam Cam Dance Studio/ Frozen Dance

Watch and learn how to do a dance to Frozen II's "Into the Unknown"!

Do the Frozen Dance

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Learn how to do yoga and listen to nursery rhymes!

Watch Cosmic Kids

Kids Zumba

Dance to "I Like to Move It!"

Dance with Kids Zumba

Fortnite Dance Workout

Learn all of Fortnite's coolest dances!

Dance Workout

Educational Resources

Activity: Take a Virtual Field Trip

A lesson plan to use with children on a virtual field trip. 

Check out virtual field trips you can take here: 

Virtual Field Trips

Free Resources for Schools

A list of free resources from education technology companies for educators (caregivers and parents may find them useful too!)

Free Resources

Art Activities and Printables for Children

DIY Dandelion Art

Learn how to paint dandelions with empty toilet paper rolls!

Learn how to Paint Dandelions

DIY Playdough Recipe

Make your own Playdough in your favorite colors!

Make Playdough

Mad Scientist Color Wheel

Learn about primary and secondary colors!

Learn about colors

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Make your own colors to paint on your sidewalk!

How to make it

Chick Painting

Learn how to paint a cute Easter chick with a fork!

Paint with a fork

How to Sock Bunny

Learn how to make your own stand up bunny!

Make a Sock Bunny

Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly

Take your old toilet paper rolls and make a cute butterfly!

Make a Butterfly

Paper Plate Monster

Take a plain paper plate and make a scary monster!

Make a Monster

Paper Plate Jellyfish

Take a plain paper plate and make a cool jellyfish!

Make a Jellyfish

Paper Plate Owl

Take a plain paper plate and make a cool owl!

Make an Owl

DIY Paper Sunflower

Make a Sunflower

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